KVARNEN is a soundgrinding art-toy.
It features a number of danish and international soundartists.

Each soundartist is feeding KVARNEN with his or hers own soundfiles, hereby changing it's flavour. KVARNEN uses a stochastic algorithm to load and play the sounds, so it will always sound differently. If you want, you can further explore KVARNEN by changing most of the sound-grinding parameters. Or you can just lean back and enjoy the continuously sound-grinding....

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Each month during 2006 we will present a new danish or international soundartist on KVARNEN, so come back and enjoy this expanding soundgrinding online space regulary.

In order to enjoy KVARNEN, you need Flash-player 6, or newer. If you can see the moving logo on this page, you already have the player installed. Otherwise go to Macromedia, and download the player, and return to this page.

If you want to put your own sounds up on KVARNEN, please send a mail to [email protected] and tell a little bit about yourself and your work with sounds. You will then get a username, password and your own directory, where you can upload your own sounds and hear them immediately on KVARNEN.