A collective low-fi multispeaker sound-installation, run and edited by Tobias Kirstein and Sune T. B. Nielsen

THE INFERNAL MACHINE is placed in a yet unseen field between different performance strategies: DJ-live mix, sound installation and multispeaker concert.
THE INFERNAL MACHINE is a collective installation in two senses of the word: Firstly we collect old loudspeakers and amplifiers that people were going to dump anyway. Secondly a wide range of different sound artists/musicians/composers, both Danish and international, are invited to contribute with sounds and the contributors are invited to do a live mix on the installation, while machine is running.
Most machines are built out of various mechanical parts, where most parts are made in different places and by different people. Sonically THE INFERNAL MACHINE is built from 10 different sounds (each of them replaceable at any time) that are made by 10 different people. Each time THE INFERNAL MACHINE is run, 10 CD’s are played at the same time and played on repeat. This way there is no definite ending and especially no definite sound.

The setup consists of a large (and growing) number of thrown-away consumer loudspeakers and amplifiers - all of them found in the garbage or given to us.
Each old amplifier is connected to as many speakers as possible and gets a mono input, split into both left and right. Each amplifier/speaker-setup functions as one self-powered loudspeaker – most of them sounding quite characteristic.
10 CD-players are connected to 10 different inputs on a mixer and at least 10 (depending on the number of working amplifiers) outputs/auxiliaries/busses are connected to an amplifier.
This way we have multispeaker setup with 10 different (mono) channels.

1: Dandruff:
Until now THE INFERNAL MACHINE has been put up two times. The first time in the basement of Sommerstedgade 7 (Dandruff) at the Copenhagen Night of Culture October 10, 2021 for one night (6pm-6am).

(Photos by Søren 'helvildt' Raagaard)

2: Rundetaarn:
The second time THE INFERNAL MACHINE was run was in the very unique building Rundetaarn ( as part of Lige Lovlig Levende ( This time the machine ran for three days (November 18-20, 2003).

(Photos by Jesper Vang)

In Rundetaarn the show was backed up by a setup with a cameras, TV-sets and audio input: "Zappers nightmare part 3798"Audiofeedvideo af MoniBobTor & Buardiya del Klaxon.

Participants this far counts:

Rasmus Brandt (DK)
Jakob Brandt-Pedersen (DK)
Thomas Bred (DK)
Henrik Busk (DK)
Rex Casswell (UK)
Jens Christiansen (DK)
Søren Gorm (DK)
Jakob Draminsky Højmark (DK)
Tobias Kirstein (DK)
MoniBobTor & Buardiya del Klaxon (DK)
Kouhei (JAP)
Åsmund Kverneland (DK)
Ture Larsen (DK)
Rasmus B. Lunding (DK)
Sune T. B. Nielsen (DK)
Jonas Olesen (DK)
Karsten Pflum (DK)
Jakob Riis (DK)
Søren Helvildt Raagaard (DK)
Christian Stadsgaard (DK)
Bjørn Svin (DK)
Jørgen Teller (DK)

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